This week's top TV: 21 - 27 November

This week's top TV: 21 - 27 November

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BBC Walliams
Watson (David Walliams), Sherlock (Jack Whitehall), Mrs Hudson (Judy Loe) in Walliams and Friend. (Credit: BBC /King Bert /Ray Burmiston)

This week's TV looks at the ongoing popularity of JK Rowling's Wizarding World, the black nurses who had an effect on the NHS, as well as witnessing the unpredictable reactions of deaf people being able to hear for the first time

Monday: The Affair, Season 3

Sky Atlantic, 9pm

Sky Atlantic The Affair
Helen (Maura Tierney), Alison (Ruth Wilson), Noah Solloway (Dominic West) & Cole (Joshua Jackson) in The Affair, Season 3.
(Credit: Sky)

This Golden Globe-winning drama returns to Sky Atlantic for its third season, with more more twists and turns than you could ever imagine. Starring Ruth Wilson, Dominic West, Joshua Jackson and Maura Tierney, the story unfolds three years from the previous season. We rejoin troubled Noah as he has started a new chapter, with a blossoming relationship. But of course the past is catching up on him; as they say, someone is always watching.

Tuesday: Breaking the Silence Live

Channel 4, 8pm

Breaking the Silence Live Channel 4
Fiona from Breaking the Silence Live (Credit: Production Company, Channel 4)

In a miraculous TV first, this live documentary follows seven people who are all having cochlear implants switched on for the first time at the Richard Ramsden Centre in Manchester. This programme gives an insight into something that is precious and life-changing as it happens. These could be some of the most precious moments the participants will experience along with their loved ones, and who knows how they will react.

Wednesday: Kids on the Edge: Last Chance School

Channel 4, 10pm

Kids on the Edge Channel 4
Josh in Kids on the Edge: Last Chance School on Channel 4 (Credit: Jude Edginton/ Channel 4)

This documentary follows three children at a one-of-a-kind NHS-run primary school, who are treated for mental health issues, behavioral and emotional problems. The programme follows Josh in his last term at the school. He was adopted when he was six and some of his traumatic early years have been worked on throughout his time at the school. After three years at Gloucester House, his parents and the Gloucester House staff hope that he's ready to move on to a mainstream secondary school.

Thursday: Black Nurses: the Women Who Saved the NHS

BBC4, 9pm

Black Nurses NHS BBC4
Jean Gay at home in South London (Credit: BBC/ Maroon Productions Ltd/ Victor Chimara)

This documentary tells of the untold story of how thousands of Caribbean women answered the call from 'the Mother Country' to come and help build Britain’s National Health Service. The documentary explores some of the sacrifices that these women had to make, as well as exploring their impact on British society.

Friday: Walliams & Friend

BBC1, 9:30pm

BBC Walliams and Friends
Jeremy (David Walliams), Diane (Jack Whitehall), Richard (Mike Wozniak), the Dinner Party Debate. (Credit: BBC /King Bert /Ray Burmiston)

This new series features a new 'friend' every week who accompanies Walliams in a variety of comedic sketches. This week is Jack Whitehall, who takes on the role of Sherlock, among several others. See the pair as you've never seen them before in this hilarious sketch show; there's bound to be some surprises in store.

Saturday: Fantastic Beasts and JK Rowling's Wizarding World

ITV, 4:30pm

Warwick Davies takes us on a magical journey exploring JK Rowling's world with exclusive access to the creators, behind the scenes action and the cast members of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them.  

Sunday: Planet Earth II - Deserts

BBC 1, 8pm

Planet earth II
Planet Earth II
(Credit: BBC NHU/ Chadden Hunter)

​David Attenborough is back with the third instalment to his ultra-HD insight into the world of animals. This week we take to the desert, seeing the living environments of bats, scorpions and a pride of lions. 

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