Channel 4 announce Fake News week

Channel 4 announce Fake News week

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Thursday, 19th January 2017
Fake News

In a week-long season this February, Channel 4 will tackle the problem of 'Fake News'

Fake news has become an interesting yet controversial topic that has dominated the internet and it is becoming increasingly difficult to distinguish what is real and what isn't.

As truth becomes increasingly determined by how many likes, clicks, shares or hits, Channel 4 News will explore where fake news actually comes from and the implications it has in a week long series of interviews and discussions.

In 2005, Channel 4 launched the award-winning Fact Check team has been debunking false claims spread via social media. The team will be hosting an interactive Q&A on Facebook Live during Fake News Week.

Channel 4 also promises to get to the bottom of the issue in some specially commissioned programmes.

Confessions of a Paparazzo

Exposing the dark side of one of the UK’s most notorious paparazzi photographers George Bamby. The documentary reveals how far George and his apprentice Bilko will go to get snaps of celebrities and how some photographs printed are not always quite what they seem.

The Fake News Show

Stephen Mangan on Have I Got News For You (Credit: BBC)

Is a rocket launched into space by the Nazis in 1944 really about to hit the UK? Do Russia really have compromising videos of Donald Trump?

Hosted by Stephen Mangan and featuring some of the funniest minds around, this comedy panel show will peer behind the façade of fake news. It will pull apart the lies and all-too-believable viral clips that have pushed post-truth to the front pages.

Britain's Greatest Hoaxer

Comedian Simon Brodkin (also known as his comedic alter-ego Lee Nelson) made headlines after he showered Sepp Blatter in banknotes and renamed Sir Philip Green's super yacht "Lionheart" as the "BHS Destroyer".

In 2016, Channel 4 gained exclusive access to him, as he set his sights on Simon Cowell, Sir Philip Green and Donald Trump.

This documentary lifts the lid on the months of planning and preparation, and reveals the measures Brodkin takes as he uses the media’s thirst for a story to burst the bubble of some of the world’s richest and most famous people. 

Fake News Week will be shown on Channel 4 and available on All 4 in early February.

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In a week-long season this February, Channel 4 will tackle the problem of 'Fake News'