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The truth about toxicity in the UK television industry | TOXIC

Youtube Originals presents a Century Films production which how a bullying culture still exists in the UK film and TV industry. Using powerful testimony from real-life survivors working in the industry, actors deliver their stories to create an unsettling and potent look at what continues to happen in some parts of the industry.

Directed by Brian Hill and executive produced by Luke Hyams.

Munya Chawawa on his new show exploring race in Britain, creating iconic sketches and his acting ambitions

Credit: Photography Charlie Cummings and styling Jessica Swanson

His sketches parody some of the biggest news stories from Boris Johnson’s Peppa Pig fumble to Matt Hancock’s extramarital affair. 

Chawawa’s newest project, Race Around Britain, sees him travel all around the UK to educate the nation about black culture and use comedy and wit to instigate open and honest conversations about race in Britain today.

Why did you want to create your new YouTube show Race Around Britain?

YouTube Originals: How Content Creators & Audience Trends Inspire the Commissioning Strategy

Luke Hyams, Head of Originals EMEA at YouTube, discusses how trends and passions on the platform inform and inspire commissioned content, how YouTube Originals fits within the wider streaming community and just how YouTube truly becomes somewhere with something for everyone in a session hosted by Rhianna Dhillon, 6Music Film & TV Critic.