Victoria Hamilton

BBC One announces conspiracy thriller The Trick

Jason Watkins and Victoria Hamilton (Credit: BBC)

Starring Jason Watkins (The Crown), Victoria Hamilton (Life), George MacKay (1917) and Jerome Flynn (Game of Thrones), the thriller will explore how back in 2009 world-renowned Professor Philip Jones, Director of Climate Research at University of East Anglia, was at the centre of an international media storm and the victim of cyberterrorism.

Mike Bartlett on how new BBC drama Life is an antidote to social divisions

When Mike Bartlett sent actress Victoria Hamilton the script for his latest television series, Life, she felt a bit confused at first. “I was reading this wonderful character Belle, and I suddenly thought, I know this woman! I emailed Mike and told him she really reminded me of Anna, my character in Doctor Foster. Mike sent me back a very short email, ‘Yes, it is Anna. Anna Belle.’”

BBC One releases new images for upcoming Doctor Foster spin-off

(credit: BBC)

The mini-series will see Victoria Hamilton return to her role from Doctor Foster, with her character Anna now going by the name ‘Belle’ as she seeks to rebuild her life as a Pilates teacher.

Adam James will also appear in the series, reprising his role as Belle’s now-ex-husband Neil.

Set in Manchester, the six-part series will tell the intertwining stories of the residents of a large house divided into four flats.