TV technician

RTS Thames Valley: Getting started in TV tech roles

Jonathan Glazier, studio multicamera director on shows that include Asia’s Got Talent and Million Pound Drop, advised the students to make their own content. “I started with a Super-8 camera [when] the filming and developing costs were very high, but now everybody has a mobile phone camera in their pocket,” he said.

North East and the Borders hold digital imaging masterclass

The technicians work with directors of photography and are responsible for image quality, colour correction and managing a production’s workflow.

Presented by Caden Elliott, the event covered the history, roles and expectations of a digital imaging technician. It attracted an audience of students, lecturers, producers and enthusiasts. 

The Digital Lounge was originally a newsreel cinema and has the feel of an art deco cinema, but with the addition of new digital equipment it was a fitting venue to discuss the role of digital imaging technicians.