Travel Man

Joe Lycett on Travel Man, being a champion of consumer rights and the infamous Sue Gray report

Credit: Matt Crockett

As the host of comedy consumer affairs series Joe Lycett’s Got Your Back, the comedian has campaigned on the behalf of many viewers, taking on big corporations and small-time fraudsters. “For me, it’s as much about the adrenaline rush of being like ‘I’ve got the bastards’ as opposed to any altruistic motivation,” he admits. 

Reflecting on the show’s conception, Lycett explains, “it sort of happened by accident and came out of the email correspondence I was doing in my stand up.”

The extraordinary Joe Lycett

Warm, witty and occasionally waspish, Joe Lycett is just the man to keep us entertained during lockdown. It’s fortunate, then, that he is presenting two lengthy prime-time TV series, with another on the way. And after a whirlwind few months making them, Lycett – while mindful of the suffering that Covid-19 has brought many – concludes that the new normal has been beneficial to his mental health.

Joe Lycett to become new Travel Man

After exploring over 40 cities across nine series, Richard Ayoade (The Crystal Maze) will pass the baton to Joe Lycett as presenter of Travel Man: 48 hours in... next year.

The series sees Ayoade explore some of the world’s most popular holiday destinations for 48 hours, each journey with a different famous companion to join him on his trip.