BBC commissions drama from award-winning playwright Janice Okoh

We Go Again (working title) features three siblings striving for optimism while concealing a dark secret.

When their mother disappears, the siblings will do anything to outmanoeuvre the authorities to stay away from social services and stay together as a family.

Described as “an irreverent portrait of black working-class teenage life”, the six-part drama explores growing up through council estates, big dreams, and with “thumping great heart.”

Christopher Fitz-Simon delivers presentation at RTÉ in Dublin

Christopher and Anne Fitz-Simon

In “How not to train for drama ­– Hamlet without the prince”, Fitz-Simon recalled his life as a stage-struck teenager, including a visit to a 1950 production of Hamlet by the legendary director Tyrone Guthrie at the Gate Theatre.

The production had been announced as being “in modern dress”, which the Dublin theatre critics snidely attributed to the management’s desire to save money on costumes. In the event, the cast was sumptuously dressed in Schiaparelli and Chanel.