Russell T Davis

Discovering Nicola Shindler: the UK's most secretive TV exec

Nicola Shindler is not a great one for giving interviews, possibly because, as the founder and Chief Executive of one of Britain’s most successful drama producers, she sees her job as telling other people’s stories, not her own. As I say to her, her Who’s Who entry is the least personal I have ever read, absent of parents, partners and children. “Good,” she says, “I don’t want people to know anything about me.”

Your new favourite TV dramas of 2016

Beowulf, ITV



Churchill’s Secret - ITV

This one of TV film stars Harry Potter actor Michael Gambon as Winston Churchill. In 1953 Winston Churchill has the first of several strokes which was kept secret from the world. Told from the perspective of his young nurse, Churchill fights to recover, all the while holding tight to the reins of the nation, refusing to relinquish his Prime Ministership.