RTS Southern Centre

Chris Packham: "You can’t make programmes on saving the planet if you’re contributing to the problem"

Chris with students behind (Credit: Bournemouth University)

In the afternoon, the TV presenter and naturalist spoke to media students about sustainable TV production, while in the evening he talked candidly about his life and TV career – and how he copes with the effects of Asperger Syndrome.

Journalists offer advice to Southern students

BBC South broadcast journalist Sophia Seth offers advice to student (Credit: Gordon Cooper)

It is one of the best forums for students to meet working journalists to discuss current opportunities and career development. And, to prove the point, three of the 15 journalists at the event had attended as students in the past two years. In fact, one gained her job with Sky News as a result of the contact she made as a student in 2017.

The professionals included on-screen and online staff from BBC South, ITV Meridian and Sky News, as well as reporters from BBC Radio Solent and the Portsmouth News.

Winners of the 2018 RTS Southern Awards announced

ITV Winners (left to right) Daniel Skipp, Jessica Savage and Kenny Fillingham

At a ceremony hosted by TV presenters Sally Taylor and Fred Dinenage, Ricochet took home the Factual Entertainment award for ITV’s Britain’s Favourite Dogs and the Factual Series – Small Scale award for BBC Two’s The Repair Shop.

Neil Kent, who has worked on both Ricochet series, won the Camerawork award.

The Factual Series – Small Scale award went to Lambent Productions for BBC Two’s Addicted Parents: Last Chance to Keep my Children, which the judges said took a “heartfelt, considered and respectful approach to very challenging subject matter”.

Journalists offer advice to young professionals at RTS Southern event

It was attended by 180 students and staff from Solent, Bournemouth, Winchester and Portsmouth universities, as well as Highbury College, Portsmouth.

On hand to offer advice were 15 journalism professionals at varying stages of their careers, from the just qualified to experienced programme editors and producers.

The professionals emphasised the importance of multi-tasking in the online world and of producing effective material for mobile media.