Ross Kemp

Ross Kemp to host new BBC One quiz show Bridge of Lies

Ross Kemp (credit: BBC)

The series will see teams of contestants attempt to cross a bridge consisting of stepping stones with various truths and lies based on general knowledge categories.

Each player must try to safely step on to the stones carrying the truths and avoid the lies, or risk falling off and out of the game. In order to take home the cash prize, the players who’ve conquered the bridge on their own must then club together to face the dramatic final crossing.

BBC announces month of programming to mark Mental Health Awareness Week

The curation includes several brand new productions and a range of documentaries from the last two years all chosen to provide support to those struggling.

Tony Hall, Director-General of the BBC, said: “Mental health is important - and during this pandemic more important than ever. Many people may be struggling alone, they may be worried about maintaining their own well-being or want to better equip themselves to help loved ones.

“That’s why bringing mental health issues out into the open is so important. Our programmes aim to do just that.”

BBC commissions a series of new factual programmes

Ross Kemp (Credit: BBC)

Ross Kemp: Britain’s Volunteer Army

These uncertain times have seen the nation come together to help one another, and this generosity and kindness is celebrated in Ross Kemp: Britain’s Volunteer Army.

The five-part series goes up and down the country to meet those volunteering as part of large and small initiatives.

Ross meets the volunteers who are supporting the most vulnerable in society, even if it means putting their own personal safety at risk.