remote production

How to make the most of remote production

Exploring the methods of making remote production easier, he said: ‘Streaming isn’t just about going live on a platform any more. It’s also about bringing remote presenters into a production or viewing a shot as it’s happening on set, live, remotely from anywhere in the world.

‘If you have a director on the other side of the world who needs to be involved in the post-production process, they want to see everything that’s happening and have a means of communicating with the people in that edit suite. We can do that using live streaming technologies.’

Isle of Man looks at the changing face of live sports production

Director Rob Hurdman, who was talking to RTS Isle of Man’s Paul Moulton at an early March event, said 2020 had been a “a proper roller coaster year. We went from probably the depths of despair… [with] the first lockdown and thinking that everything we’d worked for in the past 25 years was going to fall through the floor.”

He continued: “Coming out of a very difficult year… we are starting to feel a bit more optimistic.”