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Isle of Man looks at the changing face of live sports production

Director Rob Hurdman, who was talking to RTS Isle of Man’s Paul Moulton at an early March event, said 2020 had been a “a proper roller coaster year. We went from probably the depths of despair… [with] the first lockdown and thinking that everything we’d worked for in the past 25 years was going to fall through the floor.”

He continued: “Coming out of a very difficult year… we are starting to feel a bit more optimistic.”

The Changing Face of Live Sports Production | Q&A with Greenlight Television | RTS Isle of Man

RTS Isle of Man Centre’s Paul Moulton is joined by Rob Hurdman and David Beynon, the directors of the Isle of Man-based production company, Greenlight Television, to learn of the drastic changes they made to their production techniques to continue to deliver their services to clients and broadcasters across the globe.

Sports specialists Greenlight Television host tour for RTS Isle of Man

RTS Isle of Man committee; Aísling Ridout, treasurer, Paul Moulton, secretary, Lian Sherriff, administrator

Hosted by RTS Isle of Man, the tour of Greenlight’s facilities offered an insight into how the indie produces highlights of the Isle of Man TT for ITV4 from its production base in Tromode on the Isle of Man.  

The Isle of Man TT, arguably, the world’s most famous motorcycle road race, is run on closed public roads over a 37.73-mile course.

Greenlight produces same-day, hour-long highlight programmes for ITV4 during the fortnight of racing on the Isle of Man in early summer.