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We're looking for companies that have made a real difference in their community. Nominees should show specific initiatives they've carried out in the past year, like supporting charities, schools, or community groups, or giving employees time off to volunteer.

Plugging the skills gap: the TV staff shortage

‘Here’s a statistic that’s pretty mind-blowing: in recent years, the [creative] industries have delivered more economic value than life sciences, aerospace and the automotive sectors combined. And yet skills, and the people who have the right ones, are currently the biggest single inhibitor of growth.” So said Kimberly Godbolt, founder of TV recruitment company Talented People, in her introduction to an RTS panel discussion on the skills shortage.

Working Lives: Location Manager

Da Vinci’s Demons at Margam Castle (Credit: Sky)

What does the job involve?

I’m part of a production’s creative team. After reading the script, I pitch my ideas for locations to the writer, producer and director, bringing my knowledge of what an area can offer. Ideally, I like to start as early as possible to have the greatest creative influence – with Little Door’s recent drama for BBC One The Pact, I was involved three months before shooting began.

Do you work alone?

Our Friend in the North West: Cat Lewis

MediaCity in Salford, Greater Manchester, began its rapid expansion into a world-­leading TV production centre 10 years ago, when BBC staff moved in soon after Dock 10 launched its new studios and post-production business.

Back in 2007, when Salford City Council and the Peel Group won their joint bid to house the BBC’s new northern base, I received a call from a very animated Felicity Goodey, the main visionary behind the project.

Covid - Creativity in Crisis | RTS North East and the Border

RTS NETB explores how teams got creative to keep dramas and soaps such as Vera and Emmerdale in production during lockdown.

The “Covid – creativity in a Crisis” panel includes Emmerdale director Ian Bevitt, Danny & Mick production co-ordinator Victoria Griffin, Teesside-based independent producer Matt McGough (Ithica Films) and Fahima Chowdhury, Line Producer for Vera.