Paddy McGuinness

Paddy McGuinness to host new music game show I Can See Your Voice

(credit: BBC)

Offering a fresh take on the music game show genre, I Can See Your Voice will provide music, comedy and play-along fun for the whole family.

The aim of the game involves two players attempting to guess who can and can’t sing from a group of mystery singers before them, in order to win a cash prize.

Through a series of amusing lip sync challenges, the competitors must weed out those masquerading as music maestros and whittle down the group to the one they believe truly has the gift of song.

Take Me Out returns with two new specials for its tenth series

Paddy McGuinness is back as Take Me Out returns back to our screens next year, with two special episodes to celebrate 10 years of dating success.  

One will feature a line-up of thirty fabulous single older ladies looking for love, and the second will be a fun flip as McGuinness brings thirty of his favourite male contestants back for another chance at love.

With seven weddings and three babies having come from the show, McGuinness chats to the couples and reminisces about the moment their eyes met across the Take Me Out love lift.