Marcus Rashford

Gareth Southgate in conversation with Clare Balding

Gareth Southgate (Credit: Richard Kendal)

In recent years, few, if any, leaders in the UK have made such an impact as Gareth Southgate, the first manager of the England men’s football team to reach the final of an international competition since 1966. 

Introducing him at Cambridge, Clare Balding described Southgate as one of the great leaders, not just in sports but in any field, including business, politics and science: “He leads with dignity, empathy and with patience – qualities that aren’t often associated with men’s football.” The strength of applause that greeted his appearance on the Convention stage said it all. 

BBC One announces a documentary about Marcus Rashford MBE’s child food poverty campaign

Marcus Rashford (Credit: BBC)

Rashford has previously spoken about his own experiences of child food poverty and the sacrifices he and his family faced while he was growing up. 

The Premier League striker will learn about how child food poverty affects millions of children across the UK and how COVID-19 has exacerbated the issue. 

Cameras will uncover the obstacles and successes Rashford has gone through to try and eradicate child food poverty in the UK permanently, including the pressure his campaign put on the UK Government to offer support to over 1.7 million children. 

TV sports reboots

On 12 March, Arsenal manager Mikel Arteta tested positive for coronavirus, sending his team and staff into self-isolation. The following morning, the Premier League threw in the towel – it was obvious that it was no longer possible to play football during the Covid-19 epidemic.

The rest of football and pretty much all sport followed. At a stroke, the schedules of the UK’s specialist sports broadcasters had been emptied.