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The TV industry is facing the greatest paradox in its long history. The quality of its craft and the demand for its product have never been higher. At the same time, its future commercial viability is very uncertain.

Digital has fundamentally and irrevocably altered television’s business model. Not only are viewers watching more content than ever on digital devices, they’re doing so across a wider range of platforms and in many different ways.

RTS Futures Careers Fair delivers advice on how to make it in the TV industry

RTS Futures Careers Fair 2018 (Credit: Paul Hampartsoumian)
The students and young TV hopefuls were able to absorb advice from some of television’s biggest names, as well as its rising talent at the event, which was held in Islington, London. The all-day fair offered five sessions on getting started in telly, while in the exhibition hall some 40 broadcasters, independent producers and industry bodies were on hand to pass on their telly knowledge.

Channel 4 launches scheme seeking new writers and directors

The paid scheme, called 4Stories, aims to recruit more talent currently under-represented in drama, including women, disabled people, BAME people and people from disadvantaged backgrounds.

4Stories will give three directors and three writers the chance to work with Touchpaper Television on a new three-part series of related films.

The films tell one story from three different perspectives, each episode half an hour in length.

The opportunity is open to writers who have never had an original single, serial or series broadcast on UK television.

Internship opportunity with Youngest Media

An intern will be expected to pitch ideas for game-changing TV shows, develop content for new platforms such as Snapchat or Facebook Live and create new games to play on your mobile device.

As well as developing ideas to meet set briefs, you’ll also have time, space and resources to develop your own thoughts. Successful candidates will be mentored by the experienced and successful Youngest Media team, and will work in a fun, relaxed and creative atmosphere.