Meet the contestants for Race Across The World series four

Contestants from the new series of Race Across The World pose outdoors in a line

This time round, contestants will be racing across 15,000km of Eastern Asia. Starting in Japan, five duos will travel through nine countries and six seas, finishing in Lombok, Indonesia. To get there, contestants will have to make their way around the ring of fire, famous for its volcanoes and earthquakes.

Through it all, they will have no access to their smartphone, bank cards or the internet.

Find out more about the racers below.

Sharp produces first commercial 8K television

Tech company Sharp has produced the first commercial 8K television which will show three dimensional images.

The technology is to be targeted at broadcasters and those interested in testing the format.  

Tech consultant Chris Green told the BBC that 8K screens could provide "a very interesting video alternative to today's shop window and billboard display."

Viewers will not have to wear 3D glasses, as the pixels in the screen will make the images appear three dimensional.