Jamie: Keep Cooking and Carry On

Jamie Oliver returns to Channel 4 with new family cooking series

Filmed in his garden at home, Jamie Oliver will be sharing his new culinary creations perfect for family meals.

As Oliver will be taking inspiration from your average weekly shopping trolley, the dishes will be simple, affordable, but above all, delicious.

The series will also be showcasing some of the new recipes in his upcoming book 7 Ways, the first cook book to be based on real consumer data as to what people buy on a weekly basis.

Channel 4 launches a new daily cooking show with Jamie Oliver

Jamie: Keep Cooking and Carry On (credit: Channel 4)

In response to our unprecedented times, with so many staying at home, the show will see Jamie Oliver sharing easy-to-follow recipes, tips and hacks to create nutritious meals for the whole family.

Using kitchen staples, Jamie will show viewers how to make the most out of the ingredients they’ve got at home, whatever their budget.

From creative store-cupboard creations, to feasts drawn from frozen food, Jamie will be helping home cooks rustle up some delicious meals using simple ingredients.