Jamie Carragher

Gary Neville: from nervous presenter to football’s spokesman

It’s the day after Sky Sports’ Monday Night Football and alongside fellow lead pundit Jamie Carragher, Neville had spent one of the programme’s pre-match segments discussing club ownership in light of Chelsea’s Roman Abramovich problem. It turns out not everyone appreciated his U-turn on the issue, arguing now that all clubs owned by states should be called into question, including Manchester City. But when it’s your job to give your opinion on debates fuelled by the fiercest of club loyalties, bollockings are par for the course.

Our obsession with Succession

(credit: Macall B. Polay/HBO)

In August 2020, as the pandemic raged in the US, a tweet by LA-based writer Julia Claire went viral: “Do people understand that if they don’t wear their masks and physically distance, we’re never going to get a third season of Succession???”

Now, after a two-year delay, HBO’s hit show has finally returned with all the familial backstabbing, billion-­dollar machinations and poetic profanity we have come to love from the media magnate Logan Roy and his squabbling, super-rich children.