Grace and Frankie

Ear Candy: Because I Watched...

Bobby Berk (Credit: Bobby Berk)

Whether it’s the spike in sales of canned Marks & Spencer gin and tonic or Google searches of priests – both inspired by season two of Fleabag – never underestimate TV’s power to influence people’s behaviour. Yet, sometimes, it is the smallest detail of a TV series that can effect a change in someone’s life.

Joining Netflix’s host of original podcasts, storytelling series Because I Watched looks back through the screen of the latest binge-watch and into the lives of viewers at home.

Lisa Kudrow joins the cast of Netflix's Grace and Frankie

The show, which stars Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin as the titular Grace and Frankie, follows two divorced 70-somethings whose mutual hatred gets put on hold when their husbands come out as gay.

The pair are forced into living together when their ex-husbands, played by Sam Waterston (The Newsroom) and Martin Sheen (The West Wing), decide to get married, and an unlikely friendship blossoms as the duo seek to navigate the next stage of their lives.