French and Saunders

Dawn French and Jennifer Saunders to reunite for French and Saunders: Funny Women

The iconic duo will pair up once again to film on the set of their classic sketch show to talk about the wealth of female contributions to the comedy landscape across history and across the globe. 

They will discuss the women who were the very first trailblazers in the industry, to those who inspired a young French and Saunders and today’s generation of comedy stars. 

The special will be a fun and eye-opening celebration of the many women in comedy past and present. 

French and Saunders to reunite for Christmas special on BBC One

The comic duo first paired appeared on screen in 1987 in their sketch show French and Saunders and they will return to television for a one-off Christmas special.

It's been 10 years since the pair released their last series together, A Bucket O French and Saunders, and now they are back together to celebrate 30 years of their partnership.