Black Britain Unspoken: Warner Bros. Discovery premiere three films at RTS London Convention

Between the sessions, delegates watched a series of three short films, Black Britain Unspoken. Commissioned by Warner Bros Discovery and Media Trust, they tease out often-overlooked nuances of life experienced by black British people and are airing on Discovery+ over the course of October’s Black History Month. 

First up was The Nod: Tell Me You Got Me, an insightful exploration into the near-universal gesture recognised by black people who are otherwise unknown to each other. 

The battle for live TV sports begins

Delhi Capitals captain Rishabh Pant playing against Mumbai Indians in the Indian Premier League (Credit: NDTV)

Recent events in the sports rights industry will both reinvigorate and reset the battle for live TV sport in the UK and beyond. 

The 50:50 joint venture between BT and Warner Bros Discovery (WBD), agreed in May, will have ramifications for all the major rights holders. These include the dominant live sports broadcaster, Sky, which continues to have its own sports partnerships with WBD. 

BT’s deal with WBD also has implications for Amazon and other digital platform behemoths that are poised to increase their live sports content.