TV’s war on carbon

Bang (credit: S4C)

Many TV producers have been making great efforts to cut their carbon footprint over the past few years. There is still much more to do behind the camera, but more attention is now being given to environmental messages on-screen. 

The panel assembled for an RTS Cymru Wales event this month boasted the two winners of the Edinburgh TV Festival Green Award. Roger Williams’s bilingual cop series Bang won the inaugural award in 2020, while Sky Sports, represented on the panel by its manager for responsible production, Jo Finon, won this year. 

Simon Pitts's TV Diary

Credit: STV

Day one of COP26 in my adopted city of Glasgow. I moved to Scotland nearly four years ago to join producer-broadcaster STV and I’ve grown to love it here. 

One of the big plusses is that I get to commute to work by bike, not tube, and I’m certainly glad of it today because COP has closed all the roads. 

The only downside to cycling is that you invariably get soaked. Even by Glasgow’s standards, today’s rainfall is biblical. Some would say it’s highly symbolic for the start of a global climate conference. 

ITV announces their Climate Action Week

Credit: ITV

The Climate Action Week will take place from November 1st to coincide with the COP26 talks in Glasgow and will be broadcast across regional and network bulletins and digital channels.

ITV News will provide viewers with coverage before during and after the COP26 conference, building on their long-running Earth on the Edge series, which examines the impact of climate change in the UK and internationality.