Calais Jungle

New migrant crisis doc from award-winning Exodus team

(Credit: BBC)

Exodus, broadcast in the summer of 2016, offered a rare glimpse into the daily realities of crossing Europe, by giving cameras to a few of the million people attempting the journey.

The new three-part series, as yet untitled, will explore what has happened to migrants since they arrived - from how well they are adapting to new cultural climates, to how their arrival is affecting the political mood in their communities.

Sky launch virtual reality app

The first version of the app, available for anyone to download for free, showcases a range of 360 videos from Sky and their partners.

Some transport viewers inside popular films, such as Suicide Squad and The Martian, while others invite viewers behind the scenes of iconic sports events such as Formula One and the Tour De France. A Sky News documentary titled Calais: The Jungle, will take viewers to the centre of the refugee crisis.

Sky has also announced two new virtual reality experiences which will become available via the app in the future.