BBC India Season

This week's top TV: 1 - 6 September


India: Nature’s Wonderland



BBC’s India season continues tonight in this two-part series exploring the Far East’s exotic range of wildlife. In tonight’s episode, wildlife expert Liz Bonnin travels to the Gir Forest, home to the world’s largest Asiatic Lions.

Alongside Bonnin, Slumdog Millionaire actress Freida Pinto and mountaineer athlete Jon Gupta climb the Himalayas and roam India’s natural wonders. Look out for roaming lions, dancing tigers and even singing gibbons… 

This week's top TV: 24 - 30 August

Goodness Gracious Me India Special 2015


Muslim Drag Queens

Channel 4


Asif Quraishi (Credit: C4/Phil Fisk)

Filmmaker Marcus Plowright meets members of the clandestine gay Asian (‘Gaysian’) community, who often struggle to publically reconcile their sexuality with their culture and religion.