The World of Television Archive Masterclass | RTS Midlands

An insightful look into the world of television archive, an area that is often overlooked but plays an integral role in both scripted and non-scripted storytelling.

This masterclass guides you through the role of an archive researcher - from pre-production to finalising the programme - at a time of real shortage in experience in this field in light of the archive boom following the pandemic.

Speaker: Jemma Wood, Archive Researcher

Chair: Paul Davies

Protecting Yorkshire's TV heritage | RTS Yorkshire

An RTS Yorkshire event looks at Yorkshire's rich history of producing outstanding television content for regional, national and international audiences. The panel debates how important is it that both the legacy collections and new digital content are archived: that the material is protected and preserved, and made accessible for future generations, and whose responsibility is it and are the skills and training in place to make it happen.