24 Hours in A&E

RTS North West students learn the rule of three from industry experts

A crowd of people in front of a panel, being held in Dock10 Studios MediaCity UK

“Get three takeaways from each discussion. Set yourself three skills to develop. Make three meaningful contacts.” This advice came from host Beth Hewitt, welcoming students to RTS North West’s Student Networking Day.

First up was a panel discussion, “Hidden roles in TV production”. Katie Bayman, with “one of the coolest jobs in TV”, according to session chair Lyndon Saunders, is a virtual studio developer.

Channel 4 commissions phobia curing documentary series The Fear Clinic

A woman sits holding a spider, laughing, surrounded by a few other people

Every episode of the six-part series follows three British phobia sufferers as they journey to the Netherlands to face their fears. 10 million people in the UK have a phobia, or extreme or irrational fear. 

Dr Merel Kindt is professor of clinical psychology at the University of Amsterdam, who has spent 20 years developing the Memrec treatment. Kindt’s unorthodox approach boasts a success rate of 83%, and encourages patients to approach their fear head-on, rather than avoid it. Arachnophobia is a fear of spiders, ranidophobia a fear of dogs and globophobia a fear of balloons. 

Our Friend in Leeds: Helen Scott prepares for Channel 4's arrival

Leeds (Credit: Channel 4)

The announcement that Channel 4 will be coming to Leeds literally lit up the city. Social media went mad. Leeds City Region’s #4Sparks campaign had prevailed, and Leeds University floodlit its iconic Parkinson Building in celebration.

Friends and neighbours with no connection to the media were talking about it as a good thing. A new wave of prosperity, jobs and creative pride was on the way.

Moreover, we had been the underdog and beaten off the challenge from the two Andies (mayors Andy Street, heading the Birmingham bid, and Andy Burnham, in Manchester).

Tips in 60 seconds... How to succeed in fixed rig

Fixed rig is an increasingly popular way of story telling in television and, as Channel 4's Commissioning Editor David Brindley points out, an excellent way of breaking into factual and documentary programming. In this video David offers his best tips on getting a job with the huge production teams, and how to excel once your on board.

At Channel 4 David is responsible for developing and refreshing flagship documentary series such as One Born Every Minute, 24 Hours in A&E and First Dates.