Protecting Our TV Heritage

Two years ago, RTS London and FOCAL International delivered a joint session called “Future Past: Will Archives Survive Digitisation?” which looked at the impact of technology change on the need to gather, preserve and re-use TV content. We promised to revisit the issues on a regular basis to report on progress made, and the impact of new developments; for example, the maturing use of Artificial Intelligence and its relationship with human cataloguing expertise.

The Future of TV

As we embark upon the new decade, we bring together a multifarious panel to look at their TV tea leaves, gaze into their crystal balls and read the runes to bring us their visions of the future of TV over the next few years!

Day Membership of Glasgow Art Club

Today the Glasgow Art Club is a dynamic community of men and women of varied ages and backgrounds for whom the Arts are an essential part of everyday life.

The Clubhouse is a place to pursue creative expression, engage in the free and vigorous interchange of ideas and opinions, and enjoy good conversation and the companionship of like-minded individuals.

RTS Members are allowed use of the GAC Clubhouse in Glasgow.

Production in Your Pocket

Deirdre Mulcahy, News Camerawoman, Freelance Producer and Trainer and for 12 years Senior Video & Mobile Journalism Trainer for the BBC Academy, puts down her trusty Sony FS5 to pass on her top tips for using your smartphone as a professional camera. In this session she will show you how to produce broadcast quality content cheaply and quickly, covering camera angles, lighting, useful apps, workflow and, last but definitely not least, audio.

TikTok for Broadcasters

TikTok, the short-form video app that has users hooked around the world, gets the closest yet. As soon as you open it, you're immediately presented with engaging short form content. From talent routines and quick-fire pranks to snippets of news, all making use of strikingly creative editing and usually soundtracked by energetic music, TikTok has something for everyone. If the video doesn't interest you, with a single flick of a finger, you can easily change the channel just as you would on a television set. 

RTS Cambridge Convention Review

The biennial RTS Cambridge Convention is where the big cheeses of the tv industry go to gnaw over the big issues facing it. This year the theme is 'Content, Consumers and Everything in Between', so there's plenty to digest!

If you were unable to get to King's College, Cambridge for 18th-20th September, here is your chance to get the lowdown. We've asked our expert panel to take their VIP Passes and come back with all the issues, the highlights, and the buzz!