Building a Buzz 2 - what makes a good PR campaign

Beyond promos, how do you build a buzz around the nation’s hottest television events such as Game of Thrones, Death in Paradise and Cold Feet? Press interviews? Social media? How about a news-grabbing stunt in the middle of central London? Public relations campaigns use a variety of eye catching techniques to grab attention, but can they match advertising in generating audience interest?

Inside No. 9 — The End is Ni9h

Join us for an unforgettable evening of mystery, suspense, and celebration in the presence of the masterminds behind it all, creators Steve Pemberton and Reece Shearsmith.

The festivities commence with an exclusive Q&A session, offering fans a rare opportunity to gain insight into the creative genius behind the show. From the inception of their twisted tales to the intricacies of character development, Reece and Steve will share behind-the-scenes anecdotes and secrets that have kept viewers on the edge of their seats for nine thrilling seasons.


**Please note in-person tickets are only open to nominees, their lecturers, and other industry invitees**

The RTS Student TV Awards encourage, nurture, support, and reward talent, potential, and enthusiasm of students in colleges and universities for the creation of film and video content. The awards offer an opportunity for students to put their creative talents before the critical eye of professionals, win recognition for their skills, and even “audition” for a first job in the television, media, and film industry.

Building a Buzz: Trailers Unveiled

This session offers a unique opportunity to delve into the art, strategy, and impact of TV trailers, shedding light on the creative processes behind these bite-sized previews that leave audiences eagerly anticipating their favourite shows.

Discover the secrets behind crafting compelling TV trailers that captivate audiences and build anticipation for upcoming shows. From selecting the perfect clips to crafting impactful sound design and editing techniques, our panel of industry experts will share insights into effective trailer creation.

'The Crown' VFX Masterclass

Experience the magic behind the screen as industry experts Reece Ewing, Ben Turner, and the team dissect key scenes, revealing the intricate process of seamlessly integrating visual effects into storytelling. From opulent palaces to sweeping landscapes, witness how technology intertwines with artistic vision to transport viewers to another era.

An Evening with Evan Shapiro

Many will know Evan Shapiro as the official, unofficial cartographer of the Media Universe since Deadline published his first Media Universe Map.

It has since been adopted by businesses, executives, analysts, and colleges as the unofficial official representation of the map of media. Using his specific point of view, Evan charts the media’s future through his essays in the Media War & Peace Newsletter and with his change agency, ESHAP.