The Ethics of True Crime

Whether it’s on TV, through a podcast, or sharing the latest viral social media video, the audience demand for true crime content is growing ever more rapidly, and with it, so do the ethical considerations for the producers behind the nation's most-watched investigations. At the heart of every new headline-making programme, Dahmer to The Staircase, Jimmy Savile to Amanda Knox, is a victim and a family, to say nothing of the countless people whose involvement in these tragedies amounts to far more than entertainment. How should producers navigate sensitivity, while avoiding self-censorship?


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Unlocking the BBC Archive

In this session, RTS London looks at how new technology has opened up the BBC Archive as a source of new resources and user experiences, enabling producers, educators, and the public to access an incomparable volume of audio and video content. The switch to modern digital architectures is enabling transformational process change, leading to more efficient forms of discovery and curation, and far greater accessibility.


If you would to watch the presentation ceremony live online from 7:30pm on Tuesday, 14 March, 2023, you can do so via the RTS London YouTube channel linked below. 

The RTS Student TV Awards encourage, nurture, support, and reward talent, potential, and enthusiasm of students in colleges and universities for the creation of film and video content. The awards offer an opportunity for students to put their creative talents before the critical eye of professionals, win recognition for their skills, and even “audition” for a first job in the television, media, and film industry.