TV Picks: 7th September – 13th September

TV Picks: 7th September – 13th September

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Monday, 7th September 2020
Credit: ITV and Simon Ridgway/Netflix
Credit: ITV and Simon Ridgway/Netflix

This week Gregg Wallace and Chris Bavin rustle up tasty meals that won't break the bank in Eat Well For Less and a millionaire is made in the new series of Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? 

Sue Perkins Along the US-Mexico Border

Monday 7th September

BBC Two, 9pm

Sue Perkins travels the US-Mexican border to discover the realities of living on either side, which Trump famously wanted to divide with a wall.

In the first episode of the two-part series, Perkins begins at the western end in the Mexican city of Tijuana and joins Honduran volunteers who are building a hostel to help house the refugees who have fled from the violence in their country.

The devastating impact of violence at the border is explored when Perkins meets the Mexican mother of a 16-year-old boy who was shot and killed by border patrol officers.

She also meets the people tasked with protecting the border and goes on the road with Arizona sheriff Mark Lamb and his team, who are fighting a long and brutal battle against merciless Mexican cartels who traffic drugs and people.

Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?

Monday 7th September

ITV, 9pm

Jeremy Clarkson (Credit: ITV)
Jeremy Clarkson (Credit: ITV)

It has been over 20 years since the first series of Who Want To Be A Millionaire? aired and in that time there have been only a handful of people who have won the million-pound jackpot.

This series, however, one contestant will answer all 15 questions and take home the million-pound prize 14 years after the show's last champion.

Jeremy Clarkson will host, but this will be the first series filmed without a studio audience, replacing the Ask The Audience lifeline with the Phone A Friend option available twice.

Contestants and viewers will put their general knowledge to the test and will prove if they have what it takes to win potentially life-changing money.

Eat Well For Less

Tuesday 8th September

BBC One, 8pm

Greg Wallace and Chris Bavin (Credit: BBC)
Greg Wallace and Chris Bavin (Credit: BBC)

Gregg Wallace and Chris Bavin are teaming up once again to help families save money but still eat good food, giving viewers plenty of tasty recipes to try at home.

Wallace and Bavin will help families make the best supermarket choices for their lifestyles and teach them how to cook nutritional delicious food that is quick, easy and budget-friendly.

This series will see the duo help single mum Holly, who has two sons and little time to cook and needs help finding alternatives to microwave meals, and a retired couple who are existing on just takeaways and sweet treats.

Nadiya Bakes

Wednesday 9th September

BBC Two, 8.30pm

It was 2015 when Nadiya was crowned the winner of The Great British Bake Off and she has been charming the nation with her tasty and fun bakes ever since.

In this new series, Nadiya is sharing her favourite homemade bakes with viewers, from cakes to pastries, and also showcases new recipes inspired by other amazing bakers.

Travelling up and down the UK, Nadiya will visit bakeries and discover the stories behind some of her favourite sweet treats, from authentic Glaswegian churros to a Ghanaian bakery in Tottenham.

Back in her own kitchen, Nadiya will use the tips and tricks she learnt to put her own spin on the original recipes, sharing these hacks and cheats with viewers so they can create their own baking masterpieces.  

The Duchess

Friday 11th September


Comedian Katherine Ryan writes, produces and stars in her first sitcom, The Duchess, based on her own life in London as a single mum trying to find the right balance juggling her career, teen daughter Olive (Kate Byrne) and boyfriend Evan (Steen Raskopoulos).

“Fashionably disruptive” Katherine loves her life as a mum so much, she questions if she should have another baby with her ex, Olive’s troubled and estranged father played by Rory Keenan.

Melodramatic and glamorous, Katherine has a fear of commitment, and her relationship with Olive is more like a friendship than a mother-daughter relationship. 

Giving her no holds barred honest advice, Katherine’s best friend, played by Michelle De Swarte, is there through her multiple mishaps and awkward run-ins with her ex.

The Singapore Grip

Sunday 13th September

ITV, 9pm

Credit: ITV
Credit: ITV

An adaptation of the novel of the same name, The Singapore Grip follows a British family living in Singapore in 1941 when the Japanese invade and their lives are turned upside down.

Walter (David Morrissey) is a cutthroat rubber merchant, who along with his business partner Webb (Charles Dance), is in charge of the oldest and most powerful British firm in Singapore.

When Webb falls ill, Blackett is quick to prioritise the future of the firm by matchmaking his entitled daughter Joan (Georgia Blizzard) with Webb’s idealistic son Matthew (Luke Treadaway), who has fallen for Vera Chiang (Elizabeth Tan), an enigmatic Chinese refugee.

The drama also stars Jane Horrocks as Blackett’s wife Sylvia, Colm Meaney as Major Brendan Archer, Luke Newberry as Blackett’s son Monty, Bart Edwards as Captain James Ehrendorf and Christophe Guybet as Dupigny.

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This week Gregg Wallace and Chris Bavin rustle up tasty meals that won't break the bank in Eat Well For Less and a millionaire is made in the new series of Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?