Stacey Dooley to present new series Stalked

Stacey Dooley to present new series Stalked

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Wednesday, 20th October 2021
Credit: BBC
Credit: BBC

BBC Three has announced a new factual series hosted by Stacey Dooley called Stalked.

The two-part series will follow Dooley as she gains unprecedented access to a specialist police unit in Cheshire and a victim support organisation.

The police unit and organisation are dedicated to preventing stalking from escalating to violence and potentially even murder. 

Dooley spends time with both the victims and perpetrators, discovering the hard truth about what a life consumed by stalking looks like. 

The first episode focuses on the most common type of stalking, ex-partners.

Sabrina is a 25-year-old who hopes her ex will be convicted of stalking her when he goes to court, and police investigate weather a pilot, who has been accused of stalking his ex-partner, but are his actions the result of a broken heart or something more sinister? 

Katie’s ex-partner is currently in prison for sending her abusive messages and faking an attack by her, but he is being considered for early release.

Dooley also speaks to Andy, who has just been released from prison after a conviction for stalking.

The second episode looks at stranger stalking and asks the question if prison or therapy is a better method to stop long term stalking. 

A 22-year-old dancer is dealing with an obsessive fan who has been arrested three times and convicted once for stalking, but still contacts her.

A fraud investigator has been arrested due to an allegation of him using his skills to cyberstalk his work colleague, and a 62-year-old man has been stalking a physiotherapist half his age for seven years.

Jack has just been released from prison and has immediately started threatening his ex-partner, but is prison or a hospital the best place for people who stalk others? 

Dooley discovers that even when victims think the stalking is over it often isn’t, but perhaps police and health professionals working together to tackle each case long term could be the way to instigate real change.

Stacey Dooley commented: “Prior to these films, I perhaps hadn’t taken into account just how truly devastating and life-changing stalking can be. Victims are often forced to change their lives entirely and often likened their normality to simply ‘existing’... These survivors deserve to be heard and prioritised.”

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BBC Three has announced a new factual series hosted by Stacey Dooley called Stalked.