Riviera: Who's who in Sky's latest drama

Riviera: Who's who in Sky's latest drama

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Wednesday, 14th June 2017
Riviera Sky Atlantic
Georgina Clios (Julia Stiles) in Riviera. (Credit: John Wright/Sky)

Riviera is the latest original drama to head to Sky Atlantic this year with a host of stellar characters.

Deep secrets, explosions, fashion and crime sound up your street? Then Riviera might be the programme for you.

New to Sky Atlantic and set in the French Riviera, this new drama looks at the homes of the filthy rich along with the problems and deceit that comes with their luxuries.

There's a vibrant list of characters at the heart of the series, so here's a lowdown of who's who.

Georgina Clios, played by Julia Stiles

Riviera Sky
Georgina Clios, played by Julia Stiles. (Credit: Sky)

Julia Stiles (The Bourne Series) plays Georgina, who's married to billionaire Constantine Clios. After just a year of marriage, her new life is blown into disarray when her husband is killed in an explosion aboard the yacht of a Russian oligarch and arms dealer. Naturally she sets out to uncover what happened but dark truths about her husband's dealings emerge and as she begins to realise who she was really married to.

Irina Atman, played by Lena Olin

Lena Olin as Irina Atman. (Credit: Sky).

Lena Olin (Chocolat) plays Irina Atman, the ex-wife of Georgina's husband. Manipulating his death for her own personal gain, she wreaks havoc in Riviera to assert her position and power.

Constantine Clios, played by Anthony LaPaglia

Anthony LaPaglia as Georgina's husband Constantine Clios. (Credit: Sky).

Anthony LaPaglia (Without a Trace) stars as billionaire philanthropist Constantine Clios, head of Clios Bank and husband of Georgina. Following his death aboard the yacht of a Russian oligarch, truths about how he maintained his immaculate lifestyle emerge, throwing Georgina into a world of crime and dealings. 

Adam, played by Iwan Rheon

Iwan Rheon as Irina and Constantine's son in Riviera. (Credit: Sky)

Iwan Rheon (Game of Thrones, Misfits), plays Adam, the son of Irina and Constantine, who aspires to lead a simple lifestyle as a writer. Despite being the 'forgotten' son, he may well hold the key to what happened to his father.

Christos, played by Dimitri Leonidas

Dimitri Leonidas as Christos, another of Constantine's sons. (Credit: Sky).

Christos, played by Dimitri Leonidas (The Monuments Men), is the inheritor of Constantine's position as the head of the Clios business, however after his father's death he realises just how poisoned that job title is. The responsibility placed on him in the aftermath of Constantine's death weighs on him, with cracks beginning to show in his character. 

Adriana, played by Roxane Duran

Roxane Duran plays the youngest sibling of her father Constantine. (Credit: Sky)

Roxane Duran (The White Ribbon) plays Adriana, the troubled youngest child of Constantine and Irina. Despite feeling out of place, her love for her family encourages her to bring them together, but that dream is quickly diminished as she’s thrown into the dark about a family secret.

Robert Carver, played by Adrian Lester

Adrian Lester plays Robert Carver (Credit: Sky)

Adrian Lester (Hustle) stars as Robert Carver, an old art school friend of Georgina, who became popular in the illegitimate art world selling forgeries and stolen paintings. As well as starring in the show, Lester is directing two episodes.

Karim Delormes, played by Amr Waked

Amr Waked plays Karim Delormes in Riviera. (Credit: Sky)

Karim Delormes, played by Amr Waked (Lucy), is an inspector in the Nice police force. He always wants to catch the bad guy and thinks of himself as a saviour of the Riviera. 

Jakob Negrescu, played by Igor Naor

Igor Naor stars as the Head of Security Jakob Negrescu. (Credit: Sky)

Igal Naor (The Honourable Woman) stars as Jakob Negrescu, the former head of security for Constantine. He has now found himself on the wrong side of the law, mixed up in drugs, prostitution and violence. The death of his old boss Constantine throws his position into uncertainty. 

Jukes, played by Phil Davis

Phil Davis plays a British Art Fraud Investigator. (Credit: Sky)

Phil Davis (Poldark) plays Jukes, a British art fraud investigator trying to get to the core of Constantine’s financial misdealings. He is on a personal mission to expose the corruption of the wealthy.

Riviera will be shown on Sky Atlantic in the summer.

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Riviera is the latest original drama to head to Sky Atlantic this year with a host of stellar characters.