Josh Widdicombe and James Acaster to host new panel show on Dave

Josh Widdicombe and James Acaster to host new panel show on Dave

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Wednesday, 25th July 2018
Credit: UKTV

Dave has commissioned comedy panel show Hypothetical.

Hosts James Acaster and Josh Widdicombe will challenge two teams of comedians to a series of absurd hypothetical scenarios, with even more ridiculous answers.

The comedians will be faced with questions such as 'You have to live in a motorway services for a year, how do you cope?', and, 'You have to take a selfie with Nicolas Cage within 48 hours or you die – how do you do it?'. 

Widdicombe will be question master, with Acaster there to throw the teams curveball rules and decide which team should be awarded for the best hypothetical outcomes. 

The eight part series promises each question will spark a lively comedy debate, with in-studio stunts, location VT's and celebrity cameos. 

"I have spent the last decade of my life annoying other comics with these questions in cars and dressing rooms so I am delighted Dave have allowed me to claim that I was in fact researching a show and not just wasting everyone's time," said Widdicombe. 

"More to the point I cannot wait to work alongside the man who makes me laugh more than anyone else in comedy. I just hope this goes better than our 2009 Edinburgh show (one star, Three Weeks magazine)."

Acaster added, "The only thing that isn't hypothetical about Hypothetical is how awesome it's going to be.  It's the show Josh was born to host and the show I was adopted into in order to help out with."

"The guests are top notch, the questions are first class and answers are guaranteed to be craaaazzzzzzyyyyy!!!!!"

The panel show will join Dave's ever-growing comedy line-up, including Taskmaster, Porters and upcoming shows Judge Romesh and John Robins Beat the Internet.

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Dave has commissioned comedy panel show Hypothetical.