Election Night: the survival guide

Election Night: the survival guide

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Thursday, 8th June 2017
(Credit: secretlondon123/WikiCommons)

The polls are open and the electorate are once again setting the course for the future

In the next 24 hours, the winners and losers of the General Election 2017 will be revealed, but for now all we can do is wait.

Paul Bromley, Sky News’ Editor of On-Screen Information is a stalwart of the overnight coverage, and shares his tips for all those poll-watchers and politics fans who are planning on following the coverage through the night.

In addition to his political know-how, Bromley admits that around the newsroom the question he has been asked the most in the lead up to the coverage is an odd one: what will your bow tie be like on the night?

“Outside work I am a magician and entertainer,” he explains. After performing at a 4th of July party wearing a particularly “cheap and tacky, over-the-top, brash stars and stripes bow tie”, the Sky News Editor realised that the neckwear was the perfect attire to keep morale up during the long US Election Night 2012 coverage. Since then, his choice of neckwear has become a staple of the Sky Newsroom.

“Ever since then, whenever there's been a big set piece event, I have an appropriate bow tie.”

His wardrobe includes:

  • A rainbow effect bow tie with all the colours on it for local elections
  • A bow tie festooned with pound signs and £50 notes for budgets
  • A Westminster bow tie for the General Election 2015

And in 2017… who knows? “It is probably the question I have been asked most over the last few days: what bow tie I am going to wear. But I think I will save it for election night,” he says cryptically.

Bromley will not be moved on the subject, but – he promises – the bow tie will make its way on to social media tonight after the exit poll has been announced!

He shares his tried and tested routine for lasting through the night and into the new government:

Polling day – 8 June

1. Wake up normal time



2. Get some exercise – brisk walk or gentle bike ride



3. Early light lunch

4. Proper rest or sleep early afternoon


5. Head in to work, check all systems are working well ahead of time



6. Get some fresh air shortly before heading in to gallery




Election night

7. Water, water everywhere – I drink lots of it during the programme



8. Easily digestible food – Jelly Babies are my favourite (plus there are lots of different colours so I’m able to maintain political impartiality)

9. No chocolate cake (or spaghetti) – it’s very difficult to speak with your mouth full

10. No tea or coffee – the excitement of the night’s drama should be sufficient to keep you awake



Oh- and those of you waiting to see Paul's bow tie? The moment has come...




All gifs via GIPHY

This survival guide is part of the RTS series Inside Sky's Election Campaign. For more interviews from key Sky News figures, visit the series homepage.

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The polls are open and the electorate are once again setting the course for the future