Ear Candy: Still Queer as Folk

Ear Candy: Still Queer as Folk

Tuesday, 31st August 2021
(credit: Channel 4)
(credit: Channel 4)
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When Queer as Folk hit our screens in 1999, the groundbreaking series was praised for its realistic and fun depiction of young gay life in Manchester. 

Twenty years on, Russell T Davies’s storytelling is just as impactful as it was when it first aired on Channel 4.  

Originally a podcast for the US version of the show, which spanned five series and 83 episodes in the early 2000s on Showtime, Still Queer as Folk’s American hosts, Patrick Randall and Matt Dominguez, return to the original UK series to give an unfiltered analysis of each episode.  

The pair discuss the highs and lows of every programme, debating the more questionable storylines that haven’t aged well (namely, Nathan’s age), and celebrating their favourite “top” moments, such as Vince coming out at work, and the realistic and passionate sex scenes shown throughout the series.  

Often going off topic to share their own stories, the pair’s tales of their experiences of going to gay clubs for the first time, cruising and finding friendships in their twenties adds to the celebration of gay culture that the original series achieved.  

The characters, relationships and storylines were pivotal moments on the small screen.  

And if you need an excuse to re-watch this TV classic, which is available on All 4, the Still Queer as Folk podcast provides it.  

You can reminisce with Randall and Dominguez and share their excitement and nostalgia for a show that genuinely had a seminal impact on TV’s treatment of gay culture.