Cast and release date revealed for RuPaul’s Drag Race UK’s second series

Cast and release date revealed for RuPaul’s Drag Race UK’s second series

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Wednesday, 16th December 2020
(credit: BBC Three)
(credit: BBC Three)

RuPaul’s Drag Race UK is returning to BBC Three on BBC iPlayer on January 14 for a spectacular second series.

RuPaul and his crew of twelve new British queens will be bringing some sequins and sass to our screens this dreary January.

With Michelle Visage, Graham Norton, Alan Carr and a host of surprise celebrity guest judges offering their critiques of the chosen drag queens, the series will see the queens battle it out through a series of challenges, cat walks and lip-syncs to ultimately be crowned Britain’s next drag superstar.

Meet the 2021 contestants:


From Newport, South Wales, Tayce describes her look as ‘model-esque, villainous, dark, punky and edgy’.

She may have a reputation for being late to the odd show, but she brings her A-game as soon as she leaves the cab: ‘heels on, hair laid, eyes beat!’

A fan of wild and colourful looks, Tayce is ready for the world to see her get on stage and work.

Joe Black

Heralding from the sunny seaside haven of Brighton, 30-year-old Joe Black is prepared to bring all the ‘eyeshadow and wonky eyebrows of traditional seaside drag’ to RuPaul’s runway, with an extra sprinkling of haunted glamour.

With 13 years of experience in the burlesque and cabaret scene under her belt, Joe Black is no stranger to pulling off a stunning performance.


23-year-old A’Whora is a London fashionista and ‘Northern as hell’. She describes herself as ‘shady, a lady and an absolute pig’.

The designer refuses to wear high street dresses on the runway, so expect to see some surprise-filled killer looks.   

Tia Kofi

The Queen of Clapham Tia Kofi is all singing, all dancing, glamorous and messy – the perfect combination for Drag Race UK.

Tia Kofi admits she may be in trouble due to her lack of sewing skills, but she’s willing to splash the cash on her runway looks, even spending up to three or four quid on a dress!

Ellie Diamond

The Diamond of Dundee, Scotland, Ellie Diamond practises her sashay while rocking up to the counter at her drive-thru day job.

A fan of movies and anime, she describes her drag as ‘a cartoon character come to life’ with big hair, big make-up and big lashes.

While she may only be 21 years old, her 6ft 4 inches of height without heels is sure to leave her towering over the competition.

Sister Sister

Scouser Sister Sister is a star of Liverpool’s glamourous Dragtown, and describes her shows as ‘wacky monsters going for it’.

Having grown up on a TV diet of solid British comedy, from Victoria Wood to French and Saunders, Sister Sister will be sure to elicit some raucous laughs.

Veronica Green

Victoria Green has gone from growing up in Rochdale, Lancashire, to tearing up London’s West End as a musical theatre and opera singer.

While she may have been unsuccessfully auditioning for Wicked for 15 years, Veronica Green still has her sights set for the big city lights: ‘She wants to be in soap operas, pantomimes, blockbuster movies, hosting gameshows’…and she won’t stop until she gets it.

Bimini Bon Boulash

Bimini Bon Boulash describes herself as ‘East London’s bendiest b*tch’ and boasts her ability to do the Russian can-can.

The 26-year-old vegan queen loves the diversity, vibrance and lack of judgement in drag, and she’s here to show that you don’t have to be shady to get the crown.

Ginny Lemon

Hailing from Worcestershire, Ginny Lemon will be bringing the sauce to RuPaul’s runway.

The competition’s first non-binary queen, Ginny Lemon describes themself as ‘the hairiest woman in show business’ with a look channelling ‘a 90s daytime TV presenter on acid’. They also have a catchphrase to rival the iconic ‘much betta’ of last series’ finalist Baga Chipz: “Fancy a slice?”

Asstina Mandella

Asstina Mandella is ready to take centre stage after an extensive career as a backing dancer for the likes of Little Mix, Pussycat Dolls and even Kanye West.

Asstina Mandela admits she’s not a gown queen, or a sequin queen, she’s ‘Serena Williams and Naomi Campbell if they had a baby, plus Azealia Banks’. She may be a self-confessed goofy nerd when she’s not in drag, but when she is, she makes sure to bring the star power.

Cherry Valentine

Darlington sweetheart Cherry Valentine initially thought she’d follow in her dad’s footsteps and do up cars for a living. Instead, she’s driving 45 minutes to gigs, full-bodied and in 10-inch heels and now has the world as her stage.

The 26-year-old describes her look as ‘glamour, Club Kid, dark and gothic’ and she prides herself in always looking immaculately fierce. With her long claw-like nails, she’s coming to snatch the crown from the competition.

Lawrence Chaney

Lawrence Chaney is so stereotypically Scottish, she's had multiple 'moose loose aboot this hoose'.

She’s inspired by the global powerhouses of queer culture: ‘Lady Gaga, Madonna, Michelle McManus’.

Like Mary, Queen of Scots, Lawrence Chaney will have heads rolling with her iconic outfits, beat face and outrageous sense of humour.

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RuPaul’s Drag Race UK is returning to BBC Three on BBC iPlayer on January 14 for a spectacular second series.