The best on demand TV this week

The best on demand TV this week

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By Ed Gove,
Friday, 22nd January 2016
Channel 4, Crashing
The cast of Channel 4's Crashing

It’s the weekend, and that means it is catch up TV time! As always, here are our picks of things you might have missed in the past two weeks. 

1. Crashing

In London sky-high rent means that young people are looking for an affordable alternative.

Crashing is a comedy from writer and actress Phoebe Waller-Bridges (Broadchurch, Bad Education, The Iron Lady).

It follows the lives of six twenty-something property guardians who live in the abandoned Great London Hospital.

Unashamedly hilarious and inappropriate, the show has an impressive cast of young British talent, including W1A’s Jonathan Bailey as emotionally explosive estate agent Sam, Amit Shah (Jekyll and Hyde, The 100-Foot Journey) as Fred and Adrian Scarborough (Miranda, Gavin and Stacey) as Crying Colin.

Catch Crashing on All 4



2. Teenage Prison Abuse Exposed

This controversial undercover investigation by BBC’s Panorama drew a lot of attention when it first aired earlier this year: young people at a privately run youth prison were being hurt and threatened by custody officers who were paid to keep them safe.

The privately run youth prison was paid more than £10 million in 2015 by the government to educate and rehabilitate some of the UK’s most at-risk young prisoners.However the in-depth investigation by the BBC found evidence of some officers mistreating the young people, and other tolerating, or even covering up the abuse.

Watch Panorama Teenage Prison Abuse Exposed on BBC iPlayer


This Morning with Holly Willoughby & Phillip Schofield (© Ken McKay/ITV)

3. This Morning

Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield are well known for their raucous behaviour on ITV’s morning show, regularly erupting into giggles during the live magazine show.

However Thursday’s edition of the show proved even more farcical, as the presenting duo giggled and spluttered their way through a meandering explanation of why they were still in the same clothes as they had been wearing the night before at the National Television Awards.

This Morning is available on ITV Hub


The Rack Pack stars Will Merrick and Luke Treadaway (© BBC/Zeppotron/Emilie Sandy)

4.The Rack Pack

The Rack Pack is set in the heady world of 1970s and 80s snooker.

Alex ‘Hurricane’ Higgins and Steve ‘The Nugget’ Davis embody two different approaches to the game.

Higgins (Fortitude’s Luke Treadway) is a showman, eccentric, spontaneous and a vital force in the game, while his competitor Steve Davis (Skins’ Will Merrick) is a professional, who takes his work seriously and is widely regarded as one of the greatest snooker players in the world.

The film centres around the 1985 snooker final, one of the most watched events on television to date.

Catch The Rack Pack on BBC iPlayer


5.Tattoo Fixers

We're almost halfway through Channel 4's essential can’t-not-look television series, Tattoo Fixers so it is time to catch up.

Fantastic and terrifying in equal measure this show combines terrible human decisions with the amazing talent of the artists as they tidy up the messes that other people have left behind.

Find Tattoo Fixers on All 4

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It’s the weekend, and that means it is catch up TV time! As always, here are our picks of things you might have missed in the past two weeks.