This week's best on demand TV

This week's best on demand TV

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By Sarah Carson,
Friday, 20th November 2015
Graham Norton and Adele (Credit: BBC)
Graham Norton and Adele (Credit: BBC)

Catch up with the best programmes on iPlayer, Netflix, ITV Player, All4 and beyond

1. Adele at the BBC

Available on BBC iPlayer

The world's been waiting three years for 25, the follow-up to Adele's phenomenally successful 21 - and the day is finally here. To mark the release of her album - which will no doubt shoot to the top of the charts and dominate the airwaves for the next several months - she performs a special concert at the BBC, interspersed with excerpts from an interview with Graham Norton, peppered with her trademark wit throughout.

2. Jessica Jones

Available on Netflix

Krysten Ritter stars as the eponymous Jessica Jones in this latest instalment in Netflix's Marvel collection. The complex Jones is a damaged former superhero who starts her own detective agency, while David Tennant plays her creepy nemesis Kilgrave. With positive reception from critics already, it promises to be a thrilling ride.

The Beatles (Credit: Billboard)

3. The Nation's Favourite Beatles Number One

Available on ITV Player

It's always a pleasure to revisit the music of The Beatles and this nostalgic countdown is a joy. Exploring the songs, the videos, and the phenomenon, this programme features contributions from famous fans and reveals which song has been voted as the British public's most-loved.

4. The Man in the High Castle

Available on Amazon Prime

Another new series premieres today from a rival streaming service. Ridley Scott's stylish adaptation of Philip K Dick's 1962 novel imagines a universe in which the Axis Powers were victorious at the end of the Second World War.

Amal Fashanu (left) (Credit: BBC)

5.  Footballers, Sex and Money: What's Gone Wrong?

Available on BBC iPlayer

Football receives much bad press for the ostentatious habits of its players, and their attitudes towards women. In this intriguing documentary, Amal Fashanu - daughter of retired professional player John Fashanu and niece of Justin Fashanu - investigates football culture and asks how the sport garnered the reputation it has. Meeting footballers, and women who want to meet them - as well as other insiders, and exploring the ongoing Ched Evans case, she reveals how damaging treatment of women and girls are allowed to perpetuate in the footballing world.

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Catch up with the best programmes on iPlayer, Netflix, ITV Player, All4 and beyond