The best 2020 Christmas adverts

The best 2020 Christmas adverts

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Friday, 11th December 2020

This year has not been easy, but Christmas is the perfect time to forget your troubles and embrace the festive joy.

To get you in the mood, here are some of the best Christmas adverts of this year. 


Over the years, Sainsbury’s has delivered some heart-warming and tear-jerking Christmas adverts and this year is no different. 

Celebrating the importance of family at Christmas, the supermarket has released three different adverts that revel in the nostalgia of Christmas moments gone by. 

The advert is filmed as video-style footage of previous Christmas celebrations and phone calls in the present day between family members.

The first of the short films is called Gravy Song, which follows a father and daughter as they talk about their excitement for the festive season and the daughter’s love of her dad’s gravy, but her slight embarrassment at his famous gravy song. 

The second advert titled Perfect Portions shows a mother and son reminiscing about how his dad and her husband used to slice the turkey, before she reveals she now has a secret weapon to recreate his perfect slices. 

In Big Sarnie, two cousins discuss happy memories of Boxing Day fun at their nan’s and their determination to carry on their traditions. 

The three films are joined by the tagline: “Food is home. Home is Christmas”. 


Covid-19 has led to many delayed and cancelled plans, but Amazon’s Christmas advert called The Show Must Go On celebrates the spirit of making the most of what you have. 

A young dancer, played by real-life ballerina Taïs Vinolo, is excited at the prospect of taking the lead role in her dance studio’s performance.

Despite all her training, her dreams are shattered when Covid-19 restrictions lead to the performance being cancelled. 

Her sister, neighbours and friends rally together to provide an impromptu stage and audience to allow her to perform, celebrating the importance of coming together for the ones you love. 

Waitrose and John Lewis 

Give A Little Love is the title and theme of this year’s Waitrose and John Lewis Christmas advert, which was inspired by the acts of kindness that have swept the nation this year.

The campaign saw a mix of illustrators, animators and creatives come together to create a series of stop motion vignettes that tell a story of passing on the love. 

The advert begins with a little girl using her umbrella to help a boy get his ball out of a tree, which sets off a domino chain of love and kindness. 

Each animation is unique and saw both experienced professionals and university graduates come together to create the advert, set to the soothing tones of British singer-songwriter Celeste. 


Tesco delivers good news in this year’s Christmas advert, there will be no naughty list and everyone can enjoy some festive treats and forget about the past mistakes of 2020. 

The lighthearted advert sees various people admit to their indiscretions during 2020, from giving bad haircuts, to buying too much toilet paper and not singing Happy Birthday while washing their hands, even Santa apologises for going on holiday this year. 

The relatable confessions are set to the music of Britney Spears’ Oops!...I did it again and features some mouth-watering Christmas treats from the supermarket. 


McDonalds wants to remind people about keeping the magic of the festive season alive in an advert that sees a mother and son reconnect.

The animated advert called Inner Child sees a moody teenage boy wrestling with his inner child that wants to revel in the Christmas joy. 

His mother is desperate to get him involved in the Christmas family rituals but, wanting to be perceived as a grownup, he resists, until his mum takes him to McDonalds and he receives some reindeer treats. 

A stripped back version of Forever Young performed by Becky Hill plays in the background of the advert and 10p of every download of the single will go to the food charity FareShare.


Kevin the Carrot makes a triumphant return in this year's Aldi Christmas advert for the fifth year in a row. 

After falling out of a jet into the middle of a snowy forest, miles from home, Kevin has the challenge of finding his way home before Christmas as his young family desperately awaits his return.

Meeting a friendly hedgehog along the way who tries to help him, the pair fall into an ice-cold river. Luckily, they are saved by Father Christmas, who reunites Kevin with his family. 

Finally home, Kevin joins his family for a Christmas feast of Aldi food. 


Set to Gary Barlow’s new single Incredible, the Argos advert finds the fun in magic and giving back to your loved ones. 

The advert sees sisters Lucy and Daisy open up the Argos Christmas gift guide, more fondly known as the Book of Dreams, and circle a box of magic tricks. 

Inspired, the sisters turn into magicians, transforming their living room into an amazing theatre. They use their newfound magic to produce the perfect gifts for their family. 

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This year has not been easy, but Christmas is the perfect time to forget your troubles and embrace the festive joy.