Behind the Scenes: Newsnight

Behind the Scenes: Newsnight

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Tuesday, 2nd June 2015


As an educational charity, part of the RTS focus is on providing information for young entrants into the television and media industry. RTS Behind the Scenes is our newest series exploring the production process of some of Britain’s most popular programmes. From current affairs to comedy, panel shows and soaps, this series will offer a rare glimpse backstage of each production, highlighting all the different roles and giving a sense of what they entail.

In the first of this series, we go behind the scenes of Newsnight. Renowned as much for its meticulous analysis and tough cross-examination as its quirky play-outs, Newsnight is a stalwart of British current affairs programming. Its team includes some of the best in their field so join us to see how they go about bringing their famous brand of news analysis to our screens.

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