We Are England

Sarah Trigg's TV Diary

It’s launch week. It’s January. So, no sharing the love and stress of such events with like-minded buddies in the office. Instead, it’s a weird dichotomy of a high-speed roller-coaster ride – but from the comfort of my front room/office.  

Our talented 50-plus We Are England team (as the Ronseal name alludes to) spans the whole of England, from Newcastle to Leeds, Birmingham to Norwich and London to Bristol. Lockdown working practices have been the unanticipated saviours of our schedule and sanity.  

BBC England launches new current affairs programme as platform for underserved audiences

We Are England will aim to reflect the changing face of England and explore hot topics in regions often ignored.

Each series of 60 programmes will therefore be made from hubs in Leeds, Newcastle, Birmingham, Bristol, London and Norwich. 120 will be broadcast per year.

Of the programmes already made, audiences will hear from pastors keeping city streets safe at night, army veterans suffering from mental health problems retraining as HGV drivers and the family of Michelle Bettles, 20 years on from her murder.