The Unstuck Club

The Unstuck Club: Core values key to success

The session, which was run by the founder of The Unstuck Club, Jo Deadman, advised people to “look internally” and identify their “core values” or “fundamental beliefs”.  

Deadman said: “They can explain why we feel happy in certain areas of our lives and not in others. We’re more likely to achieve our goals and feel happy in our careers if we live by our core values.” 

People, she argued, are too often weighed down by negative thoughts, which need to be challenged.  

'What do you want?' Workshop with The Unstuck Club | RTS Futures

Do you feel stuck in your TV career? Do you struggle to figure out what goals to set or what you want your future to look like? Are you headed down one career path and wondering if it's the right one for you?

If you feel stuck in your career, want to understand where to go next and want the confidence to make it happen, then this interactive workshop with Jo Deadman from The Unstuck Club is for you.