The Unstuck Club: Core values key to success

The Unstuck Club: Core values key to success

Wednesday, 6th July 2022
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An interactive workshop put on by RTS Futures in mid-June offered invaluable advice to people feeling “stuck” in their TV career, equipping them with the skills to set meaningful career goals. 

The session, which was run by the founder of The Unstuck Club, Jo Deadman, advised people to “look internally” and identify their “core values” or “fundamental beliefs”.  

Deadman said: “They can explain why we feel happy in certain areas of our lives and not in others. We’re more likely to achieve our goals and feel happy in our careers if we live by our core values.” 

People, she argued, are too often weighed down by negative thoughts, which need to be challenged.  

Deadman worked in TV marketing across a range of shows, including Love Island and Celebrity Juice, before retraining as a life coach during the Covid-19 lockdowns and setting up The Unstuck Club.  

She said: “I found that I started to enjoy helping other people to work out what they wanted from their careers, more than I enjoyed trying to climb that ladder myself.”  

The RTS Futures workshop, “What do you want?”, was held on 14 June and can be seen here.