Tips in 60

Tips in 60 Seconds... How to be a make up designer

RTS award-winner Jacqueline Fowler has designed make up and hair for a range of films and television series including Hunger, Poldark and War and Peace.

It's her job to come up with the overall look for a cast's make up and hair, and to work with her artists to produce this look on set.

Here Jacqueline explains why it's so important to practice if you want to get a job likes hers.

Tips in 60 seconds... How to become an online editor

To be an editor you need creativity, patience and the ability to pay close attention to detail. There are different types of editors in television with craft editors focusing more on the creative assembly of a scene and online editors dealing with the technical requirements to make the programme broadcast ready. 
Will Thornton has been an both a craft and online editor for Emmerdale for 5 years. In this video he talks us through the differences between the roles and offers advice on how you can follow in his footsteps.

Tips in 60 seconds... How to become a drama director

Drama directing is an immensely fun job but also highly competitive. You need determination and imagination to succeed according to Christiana Ebohon. 

Christiana has over fifteen years in the industry. She has been behind some of the most recognisable series, directing Doctors, EastEnders, Hollyoaks and Emmerdale. As well as drama series, she has made a number of award-winning short films and is now trying her hand at high end drama and features. Here she offers her best advice on becoming a drama director.


Tips in 60 seconds... How to succeed in entertainment development

Entertainment television is a tough game to get into. So how do you succeed in a genre where big ideas and big personalities dominate?

Ross McCarthy is the former Head of Unscripted at Buccaneer Media and previously Executive Producer and head of Development at Outline Productions. He is behind some of entertainment's most high-profile brands, from Health Freaks and Million Dollar Intern to Britain's Big Wildlife Revival and Desi Rascals. In this video he shares some tips on how to succeed in entertainment development.

Tips in 60 seconds... How to find your audience

You've thought of a programme idea, you're about to write a winning pitch but first you need to think of your audience. Tailoring content to specific demographics is highly important in television. Clare Laycock explains how to do it.

Clare is Head of Channel TLC at Discovery Networks UK & Ireland. Previously Clare headed up Really, Home and Good Food at UKTV so she knows a thing or two about making great TV for specific audiences.