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Tips in 60 seconds... How to point and shoot

One of the best ways to stand out from the competition and land a job in the television industry is being able to self shoot. The ability to point and shoot refers to the most basic skills needed for filming and it's generally understood that you can compose, frame and film a basic shot, such as for an interview. Learn the basic tips of this valuable skill in 60 seconds, as explained by Ollie, from Pro Motion.


Part of the battle of entering the television industry is getting to grips with technical jargon. Here's a guide to self shooting language:

Tips in 60 seconds... How to survive as a freelancer

Jude Winstanley has experience in a range of television formats from entertainment to factual and has spent most of her career as a freelancer. While regular freelance employment can be hard to find, it can be a good option in an industry where there are so few long term contracts. With freelance contracts often making up half the workforce of broadcasters, there are certainly opportunities to be had. Winstanley shares some of her top tips on how to survive in the world of freelancing.