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The Secret of Soaps: The Story Behind the Stories

No one could accuse Coronation Street of taking it easy, even though this would be understandable for a middle-aged British telly institution. Over the last couple of years the ITV soap has given viewers multiple murders, deaths and suicides; explosions and a minibus crash; a pre-teen pregnancy; and even a gay vicar.

Audiences have been lapping up the drama, which regularly attracts more than 7 million viewers. Corrie remains the nation’s favourite soap.

The Secret of the Soaps

 At last month's The Secret of the Soaps event, the masterminds behind Coronation Street revealed to RTS audiences the inside secrets of what has made the show last for 55 years

The panel starred actor Tina O'Brien, writer Debbie Oates, producer Stuart Blackburn and ITV's Creative Director of Serial Dramas John Whiston. The session was chaired by former ITV Director of Entertainment and Comedy  Paul Jackson.

Coronation Street's Platt family and their biggest moments

Tina O'Brien as Sarah-Louise (Credit: ITV)

At tomorrow night's The Secret of Soaps event, we'll be joined by Coronation Street writers, producers, and Tina O'Brien, who began playing Sarah-Louise Platt on the show in 1999. In preparation, here's a reminder of some of the Platt family's - perhaps Corrie's most drama and disaster-afflicted dynasty - most exciting storylines over the years.