The Syndicate

From Yorkshire to the Riviera

Gaynor Faye and Neil Morrissey (Credit: BBC)

“I wanted to do something completely different, so this is a cat and mouse story... although it’s actually about dogs,” explained Mellor, who was interviewed by TV presenter Michelle Ackerley at a BBC event, co-streamed by RTS Yorkshire and Screen Yorkshire. 

“Each other Syndicate has been about a group of people who have won the lottery and what happens to them. This is completely different. I was able to look at all aspects of contemporary life in the north of England.” 

BBC announces cast for fourth series of The Syndicate

(credit: BBC)

Neil Morrissey (Unforgotten) will star alongside Emily Head (The Inbetweeners), Taj Atwal (Line of Duty), Katherine Rose Morley (Thirteen) and Kieran Urquhart (Vera).

British YouTuber Joe Sugg will make his TV acting debut in the series alongside fellow castmates Liberty Hobbs (Grey’s Anatomy) and Mark Benton (Shakespeare & Hathaway).

The Syndicate returns to BBC One for a fourth series

Writer Kay Mellor has penned another six episodes of the drama, which will follow the fortunes of staff at a dog kennels in Leeds.

Facing potential redundancy after the owners announce a takeover by a larger company, the team turns to the weekly lottery as a last resort, and win.

But will the syndicate receive their rightful winnings? Set between Leeds and Las Vegas, the kennel workers will be forced to spend every last penny in pursuit of them.