Simon Callow

Sky releases trailer for The Amazing Mr Blunden

Credit: Sky

Starring Simon Callow, Mark Gatiss and Tasmin Greig, the special has been adapted from the novel The Ghosts by Antonia Barber and the 1972 film of the same name.

London teenagers Jamie (Jason Rennie) and Lucy Allen (Tsion Habte) are in for a Christmas adventure when they meet a mysterious old man called Mr Blunden (Simon Callow). 

Blunden offers the kids’ mum an opportunity to become a caretaker of a ruined country house that is supposedly haunted. 

UKTV announces record viewing figures

UKTV, an independent joint venture between BBC Worldwide and Scripps Network Interactive Inc, announced a consolidated share of commercial viewership of 9.87% - a 7.7% increase on 2015.

According to the broadcaster, that puts UKTV ahead of Channel 5’s portfolio and all of Sky’s wholly-owned channels.

UKTV Play, the broadcaster's on-demand service is their fastest growing brand, with an increase of 74% in direct-to-consumer views year on year.

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Channel 4


What would life be like if we could start again? That is the question posed by Channel 4's new reality series Eden. Ten women and 13 men, including four embedded camera crew, try their hand at living without modern conveniences as they build a community from scratch. Using only the tools they can carry, and some initial provisions, the group will live a year in isolation from the rest of the world and attempt to establish a peaceful relationship with their natural surroundings.