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This week's top TV: 18 - 24 July



Channel 4


What would life be like if we could start again? That is the question posed by Channel 4's new reality series Eden. Ten women and 13 men, including four embedded camera crew, try their hand at living without modern conveniences as they build a community from scratch. Using only the tools they can carry, and some initial provisions, the group will live a year in isolation from the rest of the world and attempt to establish a peaceful relationship with their natural surroundings.

ITN Productions to diversify with factual drama

The company no longer wishes to be seen solely as a news specialist, and has announced it will be producing more dramas based on real-life events. 

“Our biggest challenge is getting people to understand ITN Productions," said managing director, Mark Browning. "The scale of the genre and programming we do is both a blessing and a curse.

"Our brand says that we do news, but actually our volume of output says that we are a big production company.”